Collection of Destiny Lore and Sources

Destiny 2

"Welcome to a world without Light"

Destiny 2 is a new beginning for the world of Destiny. Everything is about to change.

The peace of the last City has come to an end. The Cabal Red Legion, guided by Dominus Ghaul, have arrived in our solar system. They dismantled all of the Cities satelites and sensors, allowing them to reach the City without detection. Ghaul launched a full scale assault on the City and shattered the Tower. 

The Red Legion believes that the Traveler chose wrong, that it should have chosen them. They have come to punish it for that choice. The Red Legion latched a device onto the silent sphere and cut off it's light from the Guardians. 

Humanity retreated from the City into the European Dead Zone. With the light cut off from the Guardians the Vanguard leaders have left Earth to find their own path back to power. The light is still strong within you and you must track down and gather the last of the Guardians and Humanity in hopes of taking back the City from Ghaul.
Story of Destiny 2
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