Collection of Destiny Lore and Sources

Story of Destiny 2

The Details of Destiny 2 goes deeper into the lore and into stories that aren't explained to the needed detail. This section will cover details like Tower allies, enemies, and locations.


The last City: Earth

The Last City has been lost. Dominus Ghaul and the Red Legion have destroyed all of the Cities sensors and security through the solar system to assault the City undetected. The Tower has been destroyed and the City has been taken under the control of the Red Legion. The Traveler hangs above the City, contained within a Cabal device, effetively cutting off its light from the Guardians. Humanity has fled the City to set up base elsewhere and the Guardians have been scattered. 

European Dead Zone, Earth

With the City broken, humanity has set up camp in the European Dead Zone. The camp is set up near a broken piece of the Traveler and holds the new staging point for humanity. Within the European Dead Zone is a new social enviroment at an old farm where the lady Hawthorne resides. 

New Pacific Arcology: Titan, Moon of Saturn

On the Moon of Saturn, Titan, humanity built an Arcology above the methane oceans. These giant structures stand above the 40 feet waves and were built to house colonists. The Hive have planted themselves on the system and have swarmed through its tunnels and halls. The Titan Vanguard leader, Zavala, retreated to the New Pacific Arcology system after the City fell.

IO, Moon of Jupiter

IO is the last place the Traveler touched before the Collapse. The moon is very similar to Venus, with rock formations and sulfuric vents. Guardians venture out to IO in hopes of achieving a deeper connection to the Traveler and its light. Ikora Rey retreated to IO in hopes of reconnecting with the Traveler and gaining her light back. 


Nessus is a planetoid that has an orbit that cuts across the orbit of Neptune. The planetoid was taken by the Vex and turned into a massive machine. It appears Nessus was removed or stalled in its orbit for a period of time. It re-entered it's normal orbit roughly 126 years prior to the events of Destiny 2. The surface of Nessus is completely covered in Vex structures and massive trees. The cabal set up mining sites in an attempt to find a Vex Mind. Cayde-6 ventured out to Nessus in hopes of finding a way to save the City. 

Known Allies 

Hunter Vanguard Leader: Cayde-6

After the fall of the City the Vanguard mentors scattered across the solar system. Cayde-6 headed to Nessus, the planetoid completely turned to a Vex machine. Unlike the other mentors, Cayde-6 has ventured out in hopes of saving the City.

Titan Vanguard Leader: Zavala

Commander Zavala was broken after the fall of the City. He began to question his duty and his purpose, retreating to the Golden Age colony on Titan. Once he gains his purpose back he jumps straight back into leading the path to Victory.

Warlock Vanguard Leader: Ikora Rey

The Warlock pride themselves on their connection to the light and their knowledge. With the fall of the City and the capture of the Traveler, Ikora has sought out a source of light in our solar system, the moon IO. There she hopes to reclaim her connection to the light. 


Hawthorne was born in the City but left as a teen to seek a life of freedom out in the wilderness. She survived outside the Guardians protection until she found her true calling. She resides in a farm in the European Dead Zone and offers her plot of land to the Guardians to help them stage their missions. 

AI: Failsafe

Failsafe is a female voiced AI that seems to watch over a part of the solar system, containing at least the planetoid Nessus. She has the abilty to break into Vex networks to aid Guardians. Failsafe appears to be the AI mind from Exodus Black, a crashed colony ship on Nessus. Possibly due to the crash she suffers from multiple personality disorder. 

The Cabal

The Cabal

A new force has arrived in our solar system, the Red Legion. The Legion is lead by Dominus Ghaul and has come to our system to capture the Traveler. Ghaul has been bred to believe that the Traveler should have given its light to them, not humanity. He was trained by the Consul, who trained him to fight humanity. The Consul lead Ghaul to overthrow the current Cabal Emporer, Calus, because he did not desire the light of the Traveler. Calus was exiled from the Empire and Ghaul began his plans to obtain the gift of light from the Traveler. He commanded multiple legions of Cabal, fighting across the galaxy, to reach our solar system. His goal is to prove that humanity is weak without the light and that he deserves to wield the light.

The Legion dismantled security beacons and sensors that the City had placed to alert them of incoming threats. From within a storm outside the City walls call a fleet of Cabal ships, ripping through any defenses the Tower could muster. With them the Legion brought new troops to fight the Guardian forces. War Beasts are armored hounds of war that flood areas to take down enemies in force. Gladiator Cabal carry two massive cleavers and leap straight into battle. Incendior troops carry tanks of flammable materials that they launch at enemies.

The Traveler was contained within a Cabal trap, effectively cutting off the light from the Guardians. Guardians struggled to push back the Legion before their defeat. The Red Legion spread across the solar system, waging total war. On the planetoid of Nessus the Cabal Bloodguard set up massive mining rigs to dig into the Vex structures in an attempt to capture Protheon, Modular Mind.

The Eliksni (Fallen)

The Eliksni (Fallen)

Though the Eliksni were last seen burning their banners and running, a new force has risen in the solar system. This new group of Eliksni wears purple banners.

The Vex

The Vex

The Vex forces are still strong in the outer areas of our system. There is evidence of Vex structures on the moon of IO and the planetoid Nessus is a massive Vex machine. The biggest known group of the Vex is on Nessus itself. Once again the Cabal have met them head on. One Vex Mind, Protheon, Modular Mind, was a target of the Cabal on Nessus.

The Hive

The Hive

Oryx was defeated and the Hive were shattered, but they appear to have more forces than was known to the Vanguard. The Moon of Saturn, Titan, have a Arcology structure that has been invested with Hive. New morphs of Hive have appeared within that station.